2018 SEO Handbook for Beginners: Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Strategies to Dominate Search Rankings

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Are you finding it tough to create and implement a successful SEO strategy? Looking to improve your search rankings but find SEO too complicated and don’t know where to start?

The 2018 SEO Handbook for Beginners will help you learn search engine optimization strategies that are not only easy, but smart, resulting in you dominating search rankings!

You Will Learn:

How to conduct in-depth keyword research and know which keywords to target first

How to create and follow a successful internal linking structure

Ensuring your site is web crawler friendly by learning how to use Sitemaps and Robots.txt files correctly

How to find various SEO errors at scale and fix them

Detailed list of steps to ensure on-page SEO success while targeting keywords

Access to a massive list of link building strategies to gain valuable white hat backlinks for your site

How to send outreach emails that get responses and backlinks

Various local SEO tactics to help you appear in location-specific searches

 What You Get Inside:

Information covering everything SEO A – Z

Simple to understand explanations in “plain English”

An epic SEO Blueprint to follow

Checklists for on-page, link building, content, local and more

A 300+ term SEO dictionary explaining SEO jargon

Graphs, screenshots, images to make learning easier

Email outreach templates for link building

Table of Contents

SEO Blueprint

Site Structure
Setting up an SEO Friendly Site Structure
Do Geographic TLDS Have SEO Benefits?
Subdomain vs. Subdirectory: Which is Better?
Creating SEO Friendly URLs

Error Correction
Dealing With 404s and Redirects
How to Find Errors at Scale

Why is Keyword Research Important?
Detailed Steps for Conducting Keyword Research
The Process of Sorting Through Keywords
Different Keyword Categories
Creating a Content Plan
How to Optimize Your Site Content
i. URL
ii. Heading Tags
iii. Image Alt Tags
iv. Title Tags
v. Meta Description
vi. Keyword Density
Video Optimization Steps

CTR and Rank Improvement
How to Improve Click-Through-Rate
Further Optimizing Pages About to Rank #1

Internal Linking
How to Create a Good Internal Linking Structure for SEO
Preventing Orphan Pages
External Linking Practices

Crawlability and Indexation
How to Create a Sitemap and Robots.txt File
How to Get Your Pages Indexed Faster

Improving Site Load Speed

Off-Page SEO
List of Link Building Ideas
Building High Quality Links
Editorial vs. Passive Links
Types of Anchor Text
No-follow vs. Do-follow Links
The Process of Sending Outreach Emails
Scaling the Outreach Process
Email Templates
Using Search Strings for Link Prospecting
Check Your Link Profile for Spammy Backlinks
Link Earning Strategies
Social Media and SEO

Local SEO
Google My Business Page
Citation Building
Reviews on Local Profiles
On-Site Optimization for Local
Keyword Research for Local SEO
Building Local Links

How Google Decides What to Rank

Assessing Results

Dealing With Penalties and Algorithmic Changes
White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO
What to Do If Your Site Has Been Hit With a Penalty
Disavow Process
Reconsideration Process

SEO Checklists

SEO Dictionary


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