SEO: Easy Search Engine Optimization, Your Step-By-Step Guide To A Sky-High Search Engine Ranking And Never Ending Traffic (SEO Series)

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Learn To Drive Traffic and Outrank Your Competition on Google- Ultimate Beginner SEO 2017 Guide!

Is Your Website Lacking Traffic And Visibility?

Do You Want To Learn How To Apply SEO For Your Own Site Or To Consult Other Businesses And Clients?

If so, SEO: Easy Search Engine Optimization. Your Step-By-Step Guide to a Sky-High Search Engine Ranking and Never Ending Traffic by Felix Alvaro is the book for you! It will teach you the proven methods that make a website visible, boost search engine rankings and that drive the right traffic!

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to be complicated and with this book we have taken the ‘fool-proof’ approach that will enable you to easily digest and apply the basic SEO techniques.

The author has made it his mission to cover the most essential, basic methods that will enable you to optimize a website by understanding how Google and other search engines work. Giving you the practical steps to optimize a site and benefit from leads, traffic, visibility, credibility and much more for your site or the site of your clients.

What Separates this Book from the Rest?

With this book you will be guided through each SEO technique, rule, method and lesson in a clear, step-by-step approach. Making what you learn easy to apply regardless of your previous experience with SEO. Also, unlike other beginner guides, this book is detailed and will teach the methods that get results, ignoring all the pointless ‘gimmicks’ and focusing on what will get you outranking your competition fast!

You Will Learn The Following:

  • What SEO is and exactly how it works
  • What is the first, key step to getting your website ranked on Google
  • How to do effective keyword research and analyse competitiveness effortlessly
  • How to do on-page optimization
  • How to properly use and create Header, Meta and Title Tags
  • How to track your site’s performance
  • How to do off-page optimization
  • The easiest ways to get good, powerful backlinks
  • 8 easy strategies to generate high-quality backlinks and boost website traffic
  • How to easily Index your site and submit sitemaps
  • How to create high-quality, engaging and unique content
  • And Much More!

SEO is truly an important skill to learn. Whether you are building sites in various niches, whether you run a business/service or consult for other businesses or freelance clients, this is certainly an investment you will regret not making sooner. So act now and order your copy of this invaluable guide now!

Your SEO skills are about take a vertical leap!

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