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You should implement these SEO tricks before you even buy this book.

1 – Use the keyword that you want to rank for as the first word of your title in H1 tag (BIG LETTERS).

2 – Put your keyword multiple times in the first 50-100 words of your tekst, article, blog etc.

3 – Implement phrases and keywords that are related to your main keyword. If you use SEO as your main keyword for instence, also try keywords and phrases like: SEO 2016, SEO for social media, SEO marketing etc.

Now GO and put these quick SEO tricks to work in your life. You will be shocked how much traffic you’ll be able to generate. Then come back here, because I have a whole bunch more to show you in my book SEO Workbook 2016.

Here Is a Preview of What You Will Learn:

How to use SEO to build the perfect website

The Importance of high quality content

The difference between Local SEO and Global SEO

How to practice link building

The best way to use SEO for your blog or website

How to dominate social media with SEO

How you can dominate Google with SEO

How you can make money with the right keywords

How to benefit from SEO (extra tips)


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