Software Video Learn AFFILIATE MARKETING Training DVD Sale 60% Off training video tutorials DVD Over 6 Hours of Video Training


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  • Learn fast save time, Professional Trainer
  • Play, pause, rewind and repeat the training videos as needed
  • Visual training tutorials videos NO READING
  • Step by Step Learn on Windows MAC all devices
  • High resolution training movies
Affiliate Makerting training video movies what you will learn:
The Basics.
1. What is Affiliate Marketing
2. Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
3. Concepts Concerning Affiliate Marketing
4. Planning the Website
5. Searching for Your Niche
6. Choosing Your Niche
Researching Your Interest.
7. Good or Bad Product
8. Researching Your Competition
9. Starting a Affiliate Business
10. Check the Ad Copy
Getting Domain Name.
11. Selecting the Domain Name
12. Buy the Ideal Domain Name
13. Connect the Domain to Your Hosting
Editing and Creating the Website.
14. Using WordPress For Affiliates
15. WordPress Admin
16. Four Types of Posts
19. Creating the About Us Page
21. Affiliate Website Outline
Using Plugins.
23. Finding “Related” Plugins
25. Stop Spam Plugin
26. Speed Up Website Plugin
27. Contact Us Plugin
28. Statpress Plugin
29. Using plugins for extra optimization
On-site SEO.
30. Niches and SEO
31. Injecting keywords into WordPress
32. Finding High Traffic Keywords
33. Use SEO Plugins
34. Understanding Internal Linking
35. Understanding External Linking
Using Media to Create a Impact.
36. Using Photos
37. Using Videos
Time for Off-Site SEO.
38. Gain Incoming Links
39. Guest Blogging
40. Article Submission
41. Forum Posting
42. Avoid Microsites
43. Using Videos
44. Social Media
Choosing Your Affiliate Network.
47. Affiliate Networks
48. Choosing the Affiliate Network
49. Searching for Products and Merchants
50. Using Ebay
51. Using Amazon
45. Multiple Affiliate Neworks at Once
46. 5 Mistakes to Avoid
Building Up your Website.
47. Building a Affiliate Website
49. Promoting Without a website


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