The Magic Hour Home Fitness Program


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  • The world’s 1st at home transformational workout program.
  • A great way to get in shape and transform your life in 60 days!
  • Includes 5 workout DVDs
  • Includes a workout calendar, a success journal, a Fit-Square, and a Nutrition Guide
  • Lifetime Digital Access Included
The Magic Hour Workout Consists of: 40 minute Workout – using strength and interval training you will lose weight and tone your body 10 minute Mediation – through meditation you will reduce your anxiety, release your fears, and calm your nervous system 5 minute Visualization – through visualization you will bring your dreams and goals into reality within your mind 5 minutes of goals setting – through daily goal setting you will get closer to the life that you want The program comes with the following DVDs: Manifest Workout DVD – A chest and bicep workout aimed at building strength and toning your body, finishing up with daily goal setting to manifest the life you deserve. Awaken Workout DVD – A heart pumping cardio workout utilizing the Fit-Square followed with a meditation and visualization session to awaken your inner self. Gratitude Workout DVD – A back and shoulder workout to build lean muscle followed with a meditation session on gratitude. Inspire Workout DVD – A legs and triceps workout aimed at strengthening your lower body and toning your arms followed with a visualization session to inspire you to take action. Clarity Workout DVD – A core workout that will bring out your six-pack and improve your balance followed by a silent mind meditation to give you the clarity you need. You Also Get: Workout Calendar – An easy to follow 60-day plan to get in the best shape of your life and accomplish all your goals. Success Journal – Perfectly designed to help you stay on track with your goals and daily action steps. Fit-Square – Our own invention, Fit-Square is a revolutionary tool to improve your speed, agility, balance and reach your weight-loss goals. Nutrition Guide – Our own nutrition guide full of easy and delicious recipes designed to help you get and stay in the best shape of your life. Lifetime Digital Access Included – Access The Magic Hour workouts from your computer, now you will never miss a workout no matter where you go.


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